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Allow science to fight COVID – 19 Dr Anil Jasinghe

Environment Ministry Secretary Dr Anil Jasinghe has reportedly insisted on the priority given to scientific methods to defeat Covid 19, instead of Superstition.
Today(2), Daily News quotes a statement by the former Health sector pioneer that the scientific process is prioritised instead of following superstitious beliefs to face COVID-19 pandemic effectively.
“What needs to happen today is to focus primarily on scientific matters, not to pursue myths,’ he said.
Dr Jasinghe added that various new discoveries are being made worldwide to curb the spread of COVID-19. “One group in our country has faith in the scientific process, while others tend to follow superstitions,” he said.
He urged the public not to follow superstitious beliefs to evade the virus.
“All we have to do to suppress COVID-19 is to follow scientific methods and not follow superstitions,” he added.
The Environment Ministry Secretary who played a pivotal role in controlling the first wave of COVID19 said that four or five new vaccines would be introduced to the world by the middle of this year.
(Source – Daily News)


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