FRONTLINE SOCIALIST PARTY – SRI LANKA  පෙරටුගාමී සමාජවාදී පක්ෂය – ශ්‍රී ලංකාව  முன்னிலை சொஷலிஸக் கட்சி – இலங்கை

FLSP joined hands with Indian farmers

Indian farmers’ protest continued against the laws passed e in September 2020 to exploit the farmers. They have demanded to reverse those laws. Farm leaders have rejected a stay order on the farm laws and a Supreme Court-appointed committee’s involvement. Up-to-date Nine rounds of talks have taken place all were inconclusive.
The laws passed at the outset could be described as “anti-farmer laws” that allow multinational companies and billionaires to acquire lands depriving farmers their livelihood and freedom. Many farmers have already sacrificed their lives, keeping the struggle alive within the fighting forces defeating the capitalist exploitation and neoliberal economic policies.


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