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Encircling the Indian Parliament Scheduled for Tomorrow, abandoned by the Farmer Leaders!

The date agreed by the farmer unions and other groups to encircle Indian Parliament is due tomorrow, but there are reports of cancelling of protest.
Tens of thousands of Indian farmers from different states travelled to New Delhi for the republican day protests.
Meanwhile, seven farmer unions have abandoned their struggle condemning violence which injured over 200 farmers being arrested over damaged properties.
Many believe the long-drawn protests – hundreds of thousands of farmers camped out in the cold and rain for two months, 70 of them dead so far, and 11 rounds of failed talks with the government – was never a reason for discouragement among them.
Rakesh Tikait, President of the BKU union, spoke of a plot against the farmers executed by the government to arouse public anger. Before the Indian Republic day, the police ordered farmers to vacate Delhi city borders. Still, some farmer union leaders, including Rakesh Tikait, refused to obey the order and threatened to start hunger strike with farmers against the government conspiracy.
It is not clear whether the farmers have abandoned the plan to enclose Indian Parliament tomorrow when Modi government’s annual budget presentation.


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